Meditate and Bake

Knead For Peace

“You are not an observer, you are a participant.”

Thich Nhat Hanh

Our goal is to create Connection and spread Jewish culture, by baking Challah and sharing it.

  1. Mix the Ingredients – We all show up differently here, from rule followers to wild explorers. We all belong in the mix!
  2. Knead Meditation – When you knead the dough by hand, you physically strengthen your body and release stress from your mind, breathe deeply and allow peace to fill your soul.
  3. Rise Up – Give the dough room to breathe, allow it to rise like your potential.
  4. Bake the Challah – think of the people you will share your bread with, your thoughts and emotions infuse the flavor.
  5. Share – Doing this every week, you will quickly have too much Challah, especially when you start making 3 loaves! When you share your bread, listen and speak with your community, grow closer. Together we will create peace.

Create Peace


Like Peace, Making Challah is a Practice, it is something we get better at every time we clean our hands and press them into the cool flour. Liberate your soul and connect with your friends, family and neighbors, one Challah at a time!

Stories and Recipes

The Blog

Couldn’t Share It

Couldn’t Share It

This Challah didn’t turn out. The dough was too firm and I couldn’t get the tightness out of it. I let it rise longer, for an extra 4 hours, and then braided and baked. It was o.k. Seriously. O.k. I tossed the second Challah. I’m committed to stepping up my game, if...

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Challah with Guacamole

Challah with Guacamole

What do you do with Challah when you are feeling that bohemian vibe? Avocado Challah Toast Or, Guacamole on Toast I picked up some Micro Greens from Min Hee, who is the source of amazing pickles, at the Sunday Farmers Market in San Rafael, knowing this is next level...

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Finally Made It To Friday

Finally Made It To Friday

After a few weeks of holidays followed by amazing travel, I am grateful to make it to Friday. Took my time and made 2 Challah, one for the family to share and one for my neighbor and friend Brian Colbert. I texted to make sure he was home, wrapped it in parchment...

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Let’s Bake!

Yes, we want you to get involved with this movement. Start this week, make a Challah with us! We are baking every Friday. You can start with one Challah, use a recipe from here or from your Bubbi, we’ve got to knead!

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