This Challah didn’t turn out. The dough was too firm and I couldn’t get the tightness out of it. I let it rise longer, for an extra 4 hours, and then braided and baked. It was o.k. Seriously. O.k.

I tossed the second Challah. I’m committed to stepping up my game, if I’m even in the game, and this was not good enough to share.

Almost good Challah, tossed. Garbage. Right???

One way to get better is to set a minimum standard and do the work to move beyond it.

It was a mix of depressing and disheartening to throw out food that was made to share. And, really important, my Challah will get better and I will share it with my people, AND, it will taste amazing and inspire people to believe peace is possible.

The Challah must taste better than it looks!