Meditate and Bake

Knead For Peace

Jews are an interesting bunch, we are everything from orthodox and ultra-orthodox to reformed and non-religious to cultural Jews and even Jews By Association. We wear religious clothing, from black suits to grateful dead t-shirts, our uniforms differ and we all practice spirituality in unique ways.

What is this, an About Jews or an About Knead For Peace?

This is about taking our privilege and putting it into action to create change. When we create Peace within ourselves, it is possible to extend that to our family and even neighbors and local community. Peace is within each of us.

Knead For Peace was founded by Jamie Ginsberg, he made the first Challah of this project, continuing a tradition of making Challah like his ancestors have done for centuries. Wee bit late to the party. Right?

Who Are We?

We are the Chosen People.

We are the ones who can leaven bread and communicate through the arts, whether that is words or images or sound. When we share bread and connect with each other, we are one.

The idea started with an argument, fractured feelings and anger, disagreement. Something shifted inside of me as I reflected on the peace I felt moving the dough in my hands, squeezing my fingers around the mass and feeling the gentle response. Witnessing the change happen in 20 minutes and equally seeing the change when the dough is left to rest and rise. Most importantly, I remembered one of my favorite ethnic characteristics of Jews, we will give you everything, even if it is all we have, from knowledge to Challah. This is probably all ethnic people, right? 

We are the people who will bake bread, tell you how good it is, and share it with you.

Knead For Peace is a weekly practice. Make dough with your hands. Meditate while you knead the dough.

Rest and Rise and Bake.

Share the Peace you create via Challah.

Use Your Hands.

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that.”
Martin Luther King Jr.

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