After a few weeks of holidays followed by amazing travel, I am grateful to make it to Friday.

Took my time and made 2 Challah, one for the family to share and one for my neighbor and friend Brian Colbert.

I texted to make sure he was home, wrapped it in parchment paper, and rolled over on the bike to bring him a Challah. I have to figure out how to wrap and deliver a Challah. Maybe butcher paper? Or clean brown bags. String to tie the parchment paper? I can’t go to plastic bags.

I dropped off the strangely wrapped Challah to Brian who enthusiastically welcomed the warm bread. I stumbled through explaining the idea of kneading and meditating, baking and sharing peace and Jewish culture. I waved awkwardly, encouraging them to do anything with it, from butter to challah French toast and biked off feeling elated, maybe too happy, unsure if the giving is laden with stress or relief or, connection. I never see Brian enough, so 5 minutes on a Friday afternoon was wonderful. Connection. That is why this is so important and necessary, at least for me, right now.

Meditate and Bake.