What do you do with Challah when you are feeling that bohemian vibe?

Avocado Challah Toast


Guacamole on Toast

I picked up some Micro Greens from Min Hee, who is the source of amazing pickles, at the Sunday Farmers Market in San Rafael, knowing this is next level hippie secret food for energy or at least crunch on Avocado Challah Toast. Also, sprinkled some Muldoon’s salt flakes on top, breathe into the flavors.

If you want some help making Guacamole, here is a recipe that is easy to make and has great tips from Scott Groth and I’d Rather Be A Chef. You can put this on a slice of Challah and call it Sunday. Right?

Seriously, note the thickness, we are rolling deep in Challah so I am a little more generous in the thickness of the slicing and a little heavy handed with the topping.

Yes, this is one variation of New Bohemian Avocado Challah Toast, make sure you add one more element to go beyond my imagination!