Baking Supplies

There are so many great baking supplies! We are going to share some basics and evolve this list with your input. Start with what you have. It’s more important to keep your working environment clean than it is to have the best mixing bowl.

Practical Supplies

Flour – there are a lot of choices, from bread flour to all-purpose flour to durum wheat, the flour you use will effect the amount of water you need.
Yeast – instant to active, we are going to grow!
Sugar – the sweetness of life, maybe. 
Water – filtered tap water, the temperature is loosely important.
Salt – in general, everybody loves salt, and equally keep in mind the health of our elders!

Pan – ok, a surface to heat!

Oven – get familiar with how your oven heats, notice the hot spots.

Optional Tools
Parchment Paper
You are ready to make your first Challah!

You Are Enough

The work is an act of love! Mixing water and yeast and sugar and oil and flour is chemistry, our thoughts and emotions become real. You Create Magic.

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