I am out of control. Seriously. I kneaded through 25 pounds of Central Milling Bread Flour like I could create peace in Israel and Palestine if I just made enough Challah.





Elaine B. Challah Toast

I texted Elaine, “You Home?” Seconds later she replied, “Bread Delivery?” I biked over the Challah, reminding myself that Chanukah opened the door to baking a few extra Challah, it’s not Friday and yet in between the competitive gift buying for multiple holidays and trying to be ok with The World, Elaine knew immediately why I was dropping by, breathe.

Challah is a beautiful bread, it holds all of life’s struggle and glory, weaved together in 2 hours of gentle effort. The practice is challenging, requiring preparation of space and resources, a commitment to cleanliness and time management. And, Letting Go.

Letting Go.

Giving away the Challah is strangely important. It allows us to practice Letting Go, of something we have created and developed a relationship with as we experience and witness change, sharing that with someone, by giving them Challah. It is humbling and scary, borderline exhilarating.

I know, Loco. It’s true. It is far harder to give away a Challah than it is to bake one for yourself. The risk changes, as does the reward. Let Go and Share.

By now, you know we aren’t just talking about Challah, we are talking about whatever you are feeling inside. Your choice. It will all be processed in the kneading and baking of the Challah, sharing the Challah is hella vulnerable, trust me! AND, are you willing or able to share emotionally? There is power in using our words as a form of expression, as there is in using gluten as communication. Let the words bind you with the people you share Challah with. Right???

This is all an experiment, Knead, Meditate, Bake, Meditate, Share and Connect.

You Can Do It.