I am literally saying this to me, and you. You Can Do It.

You Can Do It.

You Can Do It.

Seriously. Starting takes more belief, more faith, than I normally have. Hmmm. Not true. I Am Blessed, with the ability to believe, to take that leap, of faith.

This is a Work In Progress, everything is subject to improvement!!!

I put my attention into the Active Yeast this evening, spreading the yeast across the plate of water carefully heated, sprinkled some sugar on top and allowed some of my hope to rest for a few minutes, while I kneaded dough.

I sifted the Bakers Flour vigorously into the large mixing bowl, panicking there was too much water, the dough was too lumpy, then sticky, with a little flour it started to stretch and pull, folding and finding a shape. Maybe I didn’t knead enough?

I let the dough rest.

Like us humans and how we need rest to grow.

Yes, the dough rises over the next 30 minutes.

It’s all different, the color, the feel, the braids are like ropes, swollen and pressing against each other, filling the space between warming the oven and tucking the ends under.

The Challah came out beautiful, sweet and delicious, far from perfect and thick, soft and flavorful. It’s on.