The Challah was too tight, maybe a little compact and firm.

At first I was suspicious we didn’t use enough yeast, and the dough rose nicely, so the Tablespoon of Active Yeast was probably good.

Alex did a nice job of braiding and because we cooked them individually, they had plenty of time to rise.

I think this Work In Progress photo holds the secret of my end user ID10T issue (nerd humor?), the oven temp was too high. I had the oven at 360 instead of 350, besides baking a little faster, it didn’t continue to rise in the oven.

Let It Go.

The Challah was still delicious and used for multiple meals over the weekend. It’s ok to make a mistake, learn from it, and move on.

I’ll probably bake another Challah tomorrow to clear it out of my system.

Meditate and Bake.