Challah! It’s possible.

Practice, not perfection. This is my first Spelt Challah! As I started, I reminded myself to be generous with the water and gentle with the kneading.

There are so many details to improve, including the glazed topping. I was too light with my first Challah and was looser and more heavy handed and generous applying the glazing on the second Challah, which was better. I mixed equal parts Oat Milk and Maple Syrup, o.k a random splash of each, stirred vigorously and applied with a brush to the top of the Challah 20 minutes into the baking, sprinkled sesame seeds on top, and continued baking for another 30 minutes.

Whole Wheat Challah is Delicious. I know, that sounds like a California Jew from the 70s. It’s true. The Spelt is sweet and full, ready to be toasted and the topping of your choice applied.

In the old days, this would have been butter or cream cheese for me, slice some cucumbers on top and my Bubbi would have called it lunch. Today, I’m dipping into Olive Oil with Zatar spices or slathering it in hummus or tahini. I crave the flavor and excitement of my tastebuds more than the creamy thick satisfaction of my hunger, that’s generational privilege. Maybe it’s just privilege??? Whatever, there are no bad choices for whole wheat challah, you can top it with sardines or tuna or avocado or oat butter!

What are we doing here? I am gently encouraging you to make Challah, Meditate, Bake and Share Jewish Culture with your friends, neighbors and family.

Knead For Peace.