Starting projects is really easy for people with ADD, we are experts at launching into new projects, like Challah. Finishing, good luck! Seriously, in between self-doubt and fear of failure, there is barely any time to experience imposter syndrome. Right?

Actually, I know a lot of people don’t start anything, so while I express some concerns about all of this, I humbly tell you this is one of the most exciting things to ever happen to me. In between fear of failure and anxiety there is a deeply satisfying experience of taking water and flour and sugar and yeast and creating something that brings you joy and is easy to share with people you love to neighbors to strangers.

So…what are we doing? Bruh. We are making Challah. Every Friday. We knead the dough by hand, strengthening our fingers and arms, engaging the body in a simple repetitive process so the mind is able to ask the questions gently, observing the mystery of rising dough and the shift from loose ingredients to a mass with strength and volume. We are witnessing change, reminding ourselves that we can change also.

Knead the dough too much and you will be hungry. Changing is a gentle and supported process.

Look, you can make a Challah and have an amazing night. I am asking you to make 3 Challahs, and change the World.

The first Challah is for you. After it cools, taste what you have made, satisfy your own hunger and give yourself the energy to give, more. Feed yourself so that you may feed others, or something.

The second Challah is for a neighbor or friend, literally give someone a beautiful Challah and maybe share the Knead For Peace project with them or maybe share with them your meditation while kneading. This is a bread to take a risk with, whether that is the recipient or the personal sharing.

The third Challah is to eat with family or friends, eat together and share the joy of eating and talking, bickering and arguing, whatever, we grow more together!

This experiment is designed to create real Peace in our mind and heart, by using our hands to create dough and release the stress that pervades our modern lives. If you have enough time and supplies to make more than one bread, you create the opportunity to share some of the best parts of Jewish culture, eating and talking together.

One Day or Day One? Get Supplies, Let’s Do This.