It is too easy of a trap to fall into, I’ll start when, some perfect condition exists.

I’ll start when I get my certification or degree.

I’ll start tomorrow.

I have all kinds of rational and irrational fears about whether I can make 3 Challah, whether I will overcook them, or undercook them, whether anyone will want to eat them and whether I have the right supplies to make the perfect Challah.

And I am just getting started!

All of those fears are blocks, literal stumbling blocks.

Equally possible are all of them amazing outcomes, from 3 beautiful Challah to hugging old and new friends and sharing delicious bread together.

I found my barely used dough scrapper and said out loud, “I’m going to use this to divide the dough into 3 balls.” Whether that is for braiding one Challah or separating a larger amount of dough into 3 Challah, I am finding tools to make the process more accessible to me.

Also, this tool is so extra!!! If you have one, great, find it! If you don’t, Fahgetaboutit! Maybe something to ask for this Chanukah?

Start this week, with what you have.