It feels complex right now. That’s what people are telling me. I hear the pain and confusion voiced that I feel inside.

The lawyers will point out the gray areas, they are right.

The historians will search for answers, and have more questions.

I started getting ready this morning to bake, pulling out bags and supplies. I’m working with Spelt today, true story, that’s what’s left in the pantry! I immediately reminded myself, be generous with the water early in the mixing. Breathe.

All of the waves of fear and not enough and panic flooded through. I took a deep breath. And let that shit go. It’s Friday and I get to Bake Challah!

After prepping the space, I rummaged through the back of the silverware where I keep random serving tools, searching for the light blue soft cloth, enclosing our “Challah Knife.”

Fahgetabout the fact that the knife needs to be polished and cleaned up. This is a wedding present, an ornate knife, gently serated for smooth slicing with a braided handle, claiming a place, a use. CHALLAH.

Ok, who am I kidding??? This is Silver. It needs attention, care. I’ll polish it up as a project when it’s raining this Winter. I’m not fancy, barely presentable! And, gather up your tools, clean and prep them for whatever is next in your life.

We are baking Challah every week. It’s part tradition, part therapy, 100% an act of love.

Make Challah, Practice Peace, Share Love.

What if it is that simple?

When we love, we always strive to become better than we are. When we strive to become better than we are, everything around us becomes better too.

Paulo Coelho