I will answer. This is me calling!!! I sliced up the last 2 pieces of the first Challah, spread some plum jam from my Chef friend Joyce Liu, and reveled in the uneven chunks of fruit, the deep color and the balance of sweet and tart as my teeth broke off a piece of the firm, toasted, 2 day old bread.

I’m thinking of Joyce as she takes the Bar Exam this week, sending her my strength to persevere; we can do difficult things, whether that is take a 5 hour exam or learn how to turn ground wheat into bread.

This is a breakfast sweet. I remind us that life is not all hard work to a difficult and bitter end. Even when things are a little too tough, like my Challah, giving a little bit of attention, like toasting, and care, like jam, we can create change, together.

You can start today.