Practice. That is how I get ready to grow. I know, I should build up to that, make it more complex sounding. The reality is, practice is the discipline of change. Also, you literally might NEED to Meditate and Bake at any time, any of the other 6 days of the week besides Challah Friday.

Permission Granted.

For what?

To Practice.

The best time to knead some dough and meditate, is when you want to.

I cleaned up my area, laid out my supplies and braided up a few Challah.

Two hours later, the Challah was cooling on the counter and I felt O.K, maybe even good. You know what I am saying?

Yes, the Challah smelled and looked delicious. O.k. It tasted even better than it looked.

And, that’s not my point.

I felt better.

The movement of my hands squeezing the flour into dough, the letting go of mistakes and the extra effort to improve the Challah, the process of caring about something, created a good feeling. Peace.

Kind of. I was fired up, MOTIVATED.


You know, riding the meditation wave.

I sloppily wrapped two Challah in parchment paper and headed out in the Mini to make some deliveries.

Give and Connect!

I stopped by Cassiday’s house and said hello and caught up briefly as I passed her a bread. We are both down with Peace and can talk forever, and this is why I have to get out of my comfort zone and bring my friends a Challah, I miss them.

My next drive by was to Kate’s house, she’s a real chef, I swallowed my ego and humbly brought the Challah to her and Scott. I have to get out of my comfort zone and be ok with feeling “not good enough,” or even “not Jewish enough,” the sharing of food we make is life, it is what connects us. Plus, Kate opened my mind up to Quinoa and inspires me to cook, so sharing Challah with her is almost mandatory!

I can’t promise you baking Challah will change the World, I can guarantee you kneading dough is a meditation that will change your mind and baking Challah will grow my favorite part of Jewish culture, Peace.

Meditate and Bake.

Challah Back.