We have to experiment, try new things to discover what is possible. When we are talking about food, I am always a mix of afraid and excited to try new things. With restaurants, I find myself eating at the same places and even eating the same food, I have to challenge myself to break out of my routines, order a different dish, go to a different place, risk not liking my meal, which seems far more likely than enjoying what I know. Ridiculous.

We have to take risks.


Golden Raisins. Cinnamon. Brown Sugar.

I made a center divet in the roll and filled the mixture in, wrapping the dough around and squeezing the tube of dough together.

Breathe and Braid.

Ghirardelli Dark Chocolate Chips.


The Chocolate abstracts into slices of rich bitterness to balance the sweetness of the bread, Chocolate Challah. Yes, Please.

This can NOT be a regular thing. Seriously.

The Raisin Cinnamon Challah is Sweet and Glorious. Maybe it’s the Golden Raisins I got at the Farmers Market? Maybe it is Brown Sugar brings Cookie? Maybe it is that Challah is a platform for delivering ANYTHING. More on that in the future.

I am experimenting with getting fluffier Challah and I am not there. Just ok and a bit too firm. Not every experiment is a success. It’s important to fail. I remind myself of this because it is against my instinct, which is to do better, even lie to myself that it is better. And, in the reflection and observation, we learn.

I want to get better.

The process works, kneading the dough this morning was relaxing, right? I tried something new, focused my energy thinking about the family around the house and the changes in the humans around me and the changes in these Challah. We are all experiments.

Challah Back.

I’m encouraging you to experiment everywhere in your life, experience failure and growth, which equal change.

Meditate and Bake.