I just got back from a road trip, man, I missed baking! I got right back in with a double large Challah.

In between rounds of cards and discussions, I made some Challah on Thanksgiving afternoon.

This is my second round using the Bakers Bread Flour from Central Milling. I sifted the flour, applying one of the pro-tips, and was generous with the water, this is some thirsty dough.

While I was kneading, I thought about the holidays and treated the dough with the same care as we do our friends and family, patient and firm without too much pushing and pulling, more of a steady love than a tough love.

I put most of my thought into the Active Yeast. Seriously. I started using this yeast and I want to get the balance right of water temp and sugar. I’m close, and need to do more research. I don’t really know why Instant vs Active, I just got it in my head that Active Yeast has better flavor. Maybe?

We ate the Challah at Thanksgiving dinner, what??? I know. Not Traditional. Also, I made a bread and brought it to dinner!!! This is way out of my comfort zone. And, a very important step. Peace starts at home and Thanksgiving is a great holiday to practice peace, with your people in a relatively high stress environment!

I’m wishing you Peace and encouraging you to make some Challah and Share it, more on that coming.