Friday!!! Challah Back!!!

Seriously, I have a mix of nervous anxiety and unbridled excitement to bake on Fridays. Challah!

I’m using Challah like Amen?

No doubt.

I prepped and cleaned the cooking area in our kitchen this morning, checking in on my supplies and cleaning surfaces, allowing the stress to leave my mind. When I was a young lawyer, my mentor Dale Markowitz told me simply, we win because we are prepared. He had some other brilliant advice, like always answer your phone and let the person know you hear them and will follow up. Right? So, I dialed the kitchen in this morning.

50 Pounds of Bakers Flour from Central Milling. This is how we do this! More like, this is what Excessive Compulsive Disorder looks like. ECD, it’s like OCD and yet different.

Part of my planning for 2024 is practice intentionally with light structure for growth. I am setting up my supplies and storage so I can practice daily and it is enjoyable.

That sounds like a lot of Challah.

Fridays. And Holidays.

These are the best days, when we make Challah, ease into the flow of the ingredients, mixing the water and sugar and oil with flour and yeast, kneading the dough and allowing rest, air to flow, energy to rise, gluten spreading and moving, growing, willing to divide and intertwine, forming something new. Challah.

Maybe today is a prep day or maybe it is your bake day, either way I am encouraging you to bake Challah and Share it. This is a scary and liberating experience that will bring you peace and joy.

Meditate and Bake.